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Interactive Advertising was the ideal medium for Kodak to reinforce its innovative and digital credentials.  Awarded “Interactive Experience of the Month” by Campaign Magazine, designs were based on Kodak’s award winning campaign, and made excellent use of iAd functionality.


Long Dog led the project, managing the delivery against a challenging timescale. Creative design and application build was undertaken by Pushbutton, a specialist ‘red button’ agency.


Viewers were incentivised to press the red button whilst watching the Kodak TV advert, with a “Win a Kodak digital camera” call to action.


Once in the service, viewers could explore detailed product information on Kodak’s latest range of EasyShare cameras and accessories.  The iAd included a novel photo-fit style competition to win a V550 zoom digital camera.  The data capture screen was made as intuitive as possible and address data was pulled from the Sky subscriber database.


Viewers could also find out about special offers and choose to watch the full 60s TV advert which was being shown in cinemas. 


The iAd made particularly strong use of video and audio.  It ran from 28th November until 23rd December 2005, and played out on ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.


“The fully rendered, 360 degree 3D video animation is so rich that it’s the next best thing to walking into a camera store, picking up a Kodak camera and turning it around in your hand to look at it” said Pushbutton Managing Director, Paula Byrne,


“Interactive television is the ideal medium for Kodak to reinforce its innovative and digital credentials.  The red button advertisement showcases our latest products at a time when viewers are researching Christmas presents” said Kodak Marketing Director, Steve Lawes

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Date: 02/12/05

Award Winning Kodak Ad Goes Interactive