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A new chat service has been launched on digital satellite television making its first appearance on Sky Active alongside the Koopid dating service.


The instant messaging tool was a collaborative venture between three companies who worked closely with Sky Active to launch the service in record time.

Long Dog led the project, defining the functionality of the service and managing the delivery against a challenging timescale. Creative design and application build was undertaken by Pushbutton, a specialist ‘red button’ agency. The back-end server capability and registration process was provided by Northern Interactive, the owners of the Koopid service.


Viewers can take part in up to three simultaneous one-to-one chats. The service is quick and easy to use and benefits from a unique ‘predictive dictionary’ to simplify text-entry using the Sky remote. A bank of pre-written phrases allow novice chatters to make a quick start and a selection of fun emoticons help add a little sparkle to chat messages. Best of all, the service is instant – which adds a whole new dimension for Koopid users who previously could only flirt and interact with potential dates by using a mailbox based email service.


The chat tool has much of the feel and sophistication of Internet-based ‘IM’ but with the added benefit of allowing viewers to remain watching TV programming while chatting one to one – avoiding the costs and pitfalls of moderating multi-user chat rooms. The service can be used in two ways – as a conventional picture within picture where the programme is reduced to a ¼ screen or as an overlay which allows the TV programming to remain full screen.

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Real Time Chat Launches on Sky Platform

Date: 02/02/06